Important notice:

Bookings from this website are no longer manned as before since we have moved to our own private server, and all bookings are maintanded from there. However you can still book an massage session. We have created this opportunity, since it has been brought to our attention that you may still want to get in touch with us and join our own, new, secure and highly appreciated self-service massage booking service. You now have the opportunity to directly contact the massage therapist you want, without any intermediary connections. Our agent who manages this web page for a while, will be willing to help you. Read more, how to get in touch with us and join the rest of our networking.

Our massage therapists are mainly active in the scandinavian cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen. However we are also active throughout Europe in cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam and more…

We are constantly looking for additional partners that qualify with our own and our customers standards to collaborate with in order to extend our VIP community to other countries as well