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We offer a wide range of treatment options and massage types to match all of your individual needs. Please check out our complete list of what services we offer.

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Check for an available date before booking your session. To make a successful and faster implementation of your booking you can easily check for an available date by yourself.

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Our Famous Massage Treatments. The Ultimate Massage Experience in Stockholm. Schedule an private appointment with a therapist at your selected destination.

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Massage in Stockholm

Since year 2000 we've been focusing on the one thing we do best. Helping people who suffered from stress, physical and emotional pain and how to stay in shape. Since 2004 we've started to offer visiting massage services after recieving large requests from our customers.

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Massage has a broad impact on the human body. The old original tradition of massage seems to finally crossed the borders and we have discovered the benefits and effective arts of a touch and movements as a tools for wellness. With the energy that massage gives us, we are able to better endure the hardships of the everyday life. In addition, massage indirectly affects the cardiovascular system, mental comfort, decreases depression, anxiety, enhances sleep and generally promotes well-being.

massage city stockholm, mobile massage, spa massage hotel Massage is generally safe and can be applied to a wide range of individuals at any age but there are certain conditions that are contraindicated you should know about. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to find the right treatment & relaxation for you. Each of our massage therapist are intended to provide high quality services to their customers. It'd be our pleasure to invite you to join our services and make you feel as welcome as possible. Indulge in a Unique Massage Experience. Make an booking today and Experience the Difference.

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massage stockholm, massage östermalm, massage sweden, massagesReviews on great hotels in Stockholm Sweden. Browse our list, search for your favorite hotels, read information and recommendations, compare prices, read reviews or write your own review.

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